General - What is Gaze in layman’s terms?

Think of the anti-theft tags in retail stores that will trigger the alarm when carried out of the entrance (this time when someone tries to touch your stuff), plus a CCTV that’s looking at people approaching from all directions to your belongings. All these together plus the app and a stylish design.

General - How can Gaze protect my belongings if someone… [inserts your imagination here]?

Unfortunately, there’s always a limit to what a product can do. Gaze is designed to prevent, stop and help in the prosecution of theft, but not robbery or GTA-level of crimes. If someone thinks of ingenious ways to break into your home, even the best home security products won’t be able to stop them, but they are ways to prevent them. Theft is characterized by thieves targeting unattended properties and stealing them in stealth mode without attracting anyone’s attention. 

General - Gaze can only protect my belongings that are placed underneath it?

Absolutely not! Gaze can also be attached simply by using a lanyard, it can also be used secretly by placing it inside your bag. Our creativity is the limit of Gaze in protecting our belongings. By placing Gaze flat on your belongings, we maximize the function of the fisheye lens by capturing everything that approaches. Gaze’s main objective is to prevent theft from happening, it deters theft by having a camera facing the thief.

General – How long does it take to fully charge Gaze?

Around 30 minutes.

App – Does Gaze work without the app?

Absolutely! Gaze itself is powerful enough to protect your belongings to a large extent. The app offers additional protection 

App - How can I download the app?

We’ll launch the app on Apple Store & Google Play. Instruction on how to download and use the app will be released. 

App - How can I connect Gaze with the Internet? 

Gaze can be connected to your mobile phone by AP connection.

App - If Gaze is connected to my mobile phone, how far can I be away from it without losing an internet connection?

It depends on the environment, around 30 meters in an open area.

App - Can I adjust the alarm sensitivity level on Gaze Lite?

Yes, Gaze is equipped with Bluetooth (BLE). Users can customize Gaze’s settings on the app.

App - How can I adjust Gaze’s settings like security alarm volume, soundtrack & sensitivity level?

Users can do this on the app by connecting to Gaze, there is a setting icon at the top right corner.    

Video - How are videos being saved?

Videos are saved on the built-in micro-SD card.


Video - How can I view the videos saved in Gaze?

You can either view the videos on your mobile phone via the app or on your computer by connecting Gaze with a Type-C cable.