Q1. Why the camera is not able to be charged even plug-in micro USB to the power supply?

Ans. The camera only supports 5V / 1A power supply for charging. Noted that the indicator light may not be lightened immediately if the power is extremely low. 

Q2. Why the camera does not switch on even the mode button is not on the "OFF" status?

Ans. The battery may be low. Please charge the camera by micro USB.

Q3. The camera is frozen, and other trouble occurred, what can I do?

Ans. Users may reset the camera by pressing the reset button next to the micro USB port. Or you may restart the camera by rotating the mode button to "OFF" status for few seconds. Not supported SD cards may cause trouble as well.

Q4. Why the Camera does not switch off even the mode button on the "OFF" status?

Ans. The data may be processed at this moment. Please wait for few seconds.


Q5. Why there is no red indicator light on for counting down?

Ans. Users cannot film normally when the standard SD card is not being set correctly/ is not being read correctly/ has not enough memory.

Q6. Why the computer does not read the camera while it is connected to the camera with the micro USB?

Ans. The computer can not read the camera via the micro USB port. The micro USB port is for charging purposes. To read the data, please read the standard SD card by the computer.

Q7. Why no data has been stored on the card even the movies are captured normally?

Ans. Users can format their standard SD card, or try another SD card instead.

Q8. The camera is still abnormal and the solution above is not available.

Ans. Please contact the after-sales directly, or you can contact us by email for details: info@frage.com.hk